Summer Opportunities for Internships in Public Health Departments

AHEC summer intern programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and assistance to local health departments.

Program Overview

Programs in each AHEC region across the state are somewhat different, but each has at its core a partnership with local health departments to develop research projects and provide mentoring for health professions students interested in an intensive summer experience in community health. The placement is 8 weeks during June and July.


In addition to having an interest in community health / public health, candidates must be Wisconsin residents or attending a college / university in Wisconsin, GPA of 3.0 or higher, and a be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Statewide Placements

Wisconsin AHEC’s statewide CHIP is for students who are interested in a community health internship placement in a variety of locations throughout the state. Wisconsin AHEC staff members work with numerous public health departments to develop suitable intern projects and identify mentors located in many counties. Statewide placement process: During the application process, students are invited to express a preference for matching with a particular location as well as a specific community health project that furthers their academic area of interest. Applications are available beginning in December and due in February. A list of potential projects is usually available by December. For many interns, their CHIP host health departments may be located near their home towns or within commuting distance of their college campuses. Please note that a local connection will make it easier to arrange summer housing; limited housing options may be available at CHIP placement sites. In addition to completing the local project in their host community, interns participate in a full-group orientation day on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus to kick off the program. Throughout the summer, Wisconsin AHEC sponsors Web-based instruction on community health principles and practice; CHIP interns can participate remotely from their placement sites.

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