Interprofessional Student Workshops

These health profession student workshops bring together 24 to 36 students from different academic disciplines for a hands-on interprofessional educational experience. These selected students will have the opportunity to go through multiple case scenarios to learn and practice the four core competencies of interprofessional education, collaboration and practice: Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice, Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication and Teams and Teamwork.

Workshop Objectives:

• The participants will be able to describe the definition of Interprofessional Education from the World Health Organization
• The participants will be able to Verbally identify the four Core Competencies for IP Education
• Participants will be able identify roles and responsibilities of other health care professions
• Participants will be able to examine teams to distinguish between positive and negative teams and teamwork.
• Participants will play a part in a hands-on human patient simulation and conclude and summarize their career roles and responsibilities in the patient case.
• The learners will apply effective Team STEPPS strategies once during the human patient simulation patient case.
• The participants will be able to list 3 reasons why Interprofessional collaboration is effective for health care.

Eligibility: The event is designed for health professions students and technical college students who have completed at least one clinical rotation, unless nominated by instructor.

Events dates:  2021 dates to be determined.



Cost: No cost to student – Lunch included